New Rock, Recently Released: Winchester Revival - Burden's Landing (King of Sticks - March 3, 2015)

Recently Released:
Winchester Revival - Burden's Landing
(King of Sticks - March 3, 2015)

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Oakland, CA based Winchester Revival is modern rock - not afraid of electronics and not usurped by them either for a sophisticated sound all their own. These are clearly experienced musicians with a lot of musical ideas at their disposal.

Their sound combines the familiar outlines of several pop/rock music genres, including 70's era pop tunes, shoegaze and alt-rock with a refreshing rhythmic complexity, intriguing lyrics and a combination of organic and electronic instrumentation that doesn't neglect or overwhelm either.

Last Night in Tokyo
Gonna melt your metal core
Palm Springs, take me down easy
Sun rise on the desert floor

It's the first single from the EP:

From Ides of January,

I get the story in fragments as I lay in our bed 
Of an infinite highway and a grey limousine
A fan is churning the air across the prow of your head
There’s a white-knuckled driver with a sweat back sheen

David Rosenheim's vocals are expressive with an appropriate rock edge to them, embellished with some nice harmonies from Andrew Lund and Amanda Guilbeaux on some tracks.

Diligence is a stand out track, seamlessly combining chiming electronic notes with sampling over a crisp drum line, with the vocals floating on top of the mix.

Keep It Together is a spacey and ethereal interlude that slides right into Salamander, the next track, where the ethereal elements are given movement by the rhythm section. There are catchy, anthemic elements that will have you humming along... then it morphs back into electronic shoegazing. It's a compelling track that epitomizes their kind of musical cookbook.

The EP ends with Ice Water, a track with more than a few shades of prog-rock in the musical mix and a dark sort of romanticism. They're an interesting group that I'll be looking for more from in the years to come.

Recorded with Justin Weis at Trakworx, San Francisco summer 2014.
All songs (C)2015 Winchester Revival - Carpal Tunnel Music (BMI)
Released by King of Sticks Recording Cooperative. Catalog # KOS024

Members/Instruments: David Rosenheim: vocals, lyrics; Andrew Lund: guitars, backing vocals; Ron Cruz: bass guitar; Kirk Snedeker: drums; Matt Glick: electronics; with guest Amanda Guilbeaux on backing vocals
Record Label: King of Sticks

1. Last Night In Tokyo
2. Ides of January
3. Diligence
4. Keep It Together
5. Salamander
6. Ice Water