Handcrafted in Denmark - Ørgreen Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

From a media release:

Handcrafted in Denmark - Ørgreen Sunglasses
Spring/Summer 2015

Enjoy this season’s inspiration of cult figures and cultural references, from tycoons, true detectives, and enemies of 007 to Hollywood sirens, drama queens, intellects and more. In an extensive collection where the past is very present, seen in acetate styles revamped with an ul-tra-modern, minimalistic twist. Look for lean and mean lines typical of Ørgreen in ultra-light titanium models, along with unusual colour combinations - as usual. All pieces are impeccably handcrafted with a Danish angle on design. Including supremely appealing sunglasses adding celebrity anonymity, designed to look unquestionably cool whether the weather is hot or not.

PUSSY GALORE - Of all the Bond girls, Pussy Galore was the most difficult to seduce. In an effort to capture her aloof, “Golden Goddess“ good looks, our PUSSY GALORE frames bring high glamour to this voluminous cat eye design. Featuring high-perched corners and a beautiful low bridge. Slip on the Mat Ivory and Sandblastted White Gold version with Rose Gold Chrome lenses and you’re any match for Mr. Bond

STELLA POLARIS - Way before GPS and 4,000 times more luminous than the sun, the Northern Star has been a guide for ancient mariners for centuries. It’s this spirit of light and continuity which inspired our STELLA POLARIS frames. Guaranteeing style and sophistication in an elegant, over-sized circular frame with extensions on the middle-axis. Duo tones like Mat Jade and Sandblasted Palladium with Silver Chrome Lenses add a celestial effect for nouveau hippies and global nomads alike

ZELDA - A writer in her own right, Zelda Fitzgerald became an emblem of the Roaring Twenties, living a life of glamour, excess, drama and decep-tion. Equally iconic are our ZELDA frames. Almost wide-eyed in their half circle shape and curved top line, these are trendy sunglasses in a timeless style. Two-tone colouring, like Mat Plum and Sandblasted Palladium together with Gradient Silver Chrome Lenses are destined to help any celebrity go incognito.

ONASSIS - Jackie Onassis was known for her iconic style and grace. In homage to her elegance, we designed our ONASSIS frames. Gorgeous without being too glam, bold curves are even more beautiful when crowned by a top line that slopes down, appearing in two-tone colours such as Mat Olive and Sandblasted White Gold with Rose Gold Chrome Lens-es. Our advice? Get them or regret them.

CLINT - Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of the cynical, unconventional detective in Dirty Harry helped define him as the ultimate maverick man. Inspired by his anti-hero attitude, our CLINT frames boast a well-balanced aviator shape with a double bridge. Soft edges and deep lenses are forever cool factors in these mega masculine frames. Add to that duo tones of Mat Teal and Sandblasted Titanium with watercolour blue lenses and you’re ready for sunshine on a cloudy “Make My Day“.

MALCOLM - Malcolm Young is the founder of AC/DC, pioneers of heavy metal known for their raw, high voltage energy. And the inspiration behind our most rock star model, MALCOLM. Watch out for square shaped lenses with straight top and bottom lines and lean temples. Try the Mat Charcoal Grey and Sandblasted Titanium with Silver Chrome lenses for an in-dustrial effect. Learn some wicked guitar riffs, an Australian accent and see if you’re worthy to join “the thunder from down under“.

BALTHAZAR - Great grandson of Oil Magnate J. Paul Getty, Balthazar Getty made a name for himself as an actor in “Lost Highway” and the TV series “Brothers & Sisters”. Reflecting his sure-footed stance on life are our BALTHAZAR frames. Bold outlines characterise a rounded silhouette with square lenses all in a compact size. Don’t miss the Mat Brown and Sandblasted Titanium with Grey Gradient Lenses. The ultimate in cultivated cool.