Jazz/Fusion Upcoming Release: NYC's Gideon King & City Blog - City Blog (Independent - September 26, 2015)

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Upcoming Release: 
Gideon King & City Blog - City Blog
(Independent - September 26, 2015)

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Gideon King & City Blog is a musical collective rife with talent, including well known artists like vocalist Marc Broussard. If you like your jazz rock fusion on the virtuosic side but with an easy edge, you'll love this release.

New York City based composer, guitar player, and producer Gideon King draws from a number of styles including jazz, funk, pop and rock on his latest release. City Blog comes from a vow to create the best studio band on earth, with Gideon on lead electric, acoustic, and synth guitars on
all the songs, supported by a stellar cast of artists.

He's assembled the accomplished musicians you need to take you on this kind of trip. There are not one but two bass players; among them, James Genus, who plays with Herbie Hancock and Daft Punk - and also the SNL house band on TV. Matt Penman plays upright on the song Glide. Vocalist Carolyn Leonhart is a regular contributor to Steely Dan recordings.

The title track epitomizes the feel of the whole CD - jazzy, urbane, it grooves to fluid art guitar solos and syncopated rhythms in a lush mix. Elliott Skinner's wistful vocals cover the usual territory of love and relationships in laidback style. Seeing in Double, in contrast, is slow and sexy, lit up by a nice horn solo.

Lyrically, the songs are sophisticated, sometimes ironic. You'll hear flashes of old school RnB, jazz, shades of Latin rhythms and even country simplicity here and there. Down, with vocals by Marc Broussard, is a highlight, featuring a silvery piano solo that showcases the release's lovely production. There's a classic RnB fluidity to the melody and vocal style, and a bittersweet lament in the words...

Keep an open mind? 
I don't think so...
The music of today is like a cloud that covers the earth;
The music of today is like a child that says, 'I'm first!'

On New York Is, the lyrics spell out what so many of us feel about the city. It's a love song with a punch line:

New York is perfect... now and then

Likewise, Friendship Cliché has an Afrojazz feel that wraps itself around the sentiment,

I know you'll call me once a year...

What Say You? stands out as an anomaly - a straight up ballad with a classic kind of mournful swing to it, sung by Grace Weber. She also takes up the vocals on Glide, a track with a country groove that meshes with jazzy harmonies.

Sophisticated and very contemporary, City Blog has enough musical variety, clever lyrics and great licks to make it a fixture on your playlist.

Lead Electric, acoustic, and synth guitars: Gideon King; Electric and upright bass: James Genus; Upright Bass: Matt Penman; Piano: Kevin Hays; Drums: Willard Dyson; Drums: Donald Edwards; Saxophone and Flute: Donny Mccaslin; Trumpet: Andy Gravish; Vocals: Grace Weber (What Say You and Glide,) Marc Broussard (Down and New York Is,) Elliott Skinner (Dirty Bastard and lead on City blog,) Saul Kurtz (See In Double and back up on City Blog,) Carolyn Leonhart (lead and background,) Gideon King; Background Vocals: Carolyn Leonhart, Grace Weber, Matt Powell, Gideon King, and Elliott Skinner; Various noises: Gideon King

1. City Blog
2. See In Double
3. Down
4. Friendship Cliché
5. What Say You
6. Glide
7. Dirty Bastard
8. Just Play
9. Broken Noise