intimate electro-Tunisian rock Emel Mathlouthi performs in New York City January 18 2016

From a media release:

intimate electro-Tunisian rock
Emel Mathlouthi performs in New York City January 18, 2016

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Tunisian vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Emel Mathlouthi captivates with her intimate, lyrical style, fierce rock beats, and throbbing trip-hop and north African influences.

globalFEST '15 alumnus Mathlouthi tells the story of HER Tunisia: the dark years as a young rebel and dissenter; the strife of being a female musician; her artistic and ideological struggle after her songs were banned from the radio and TV; the dual love and suffering that came from longing for home while living in a free country.

Her music inspired Tunisia's Arab Spring revolution in 2011 and offers "resolve and passion," writes Jon Pareles. "Each song is a narrative, unfolding in multiple sections, moving between delicacy and fierce tenacity, mourning and defiance."

She stars in the 2014 release No Man's Land, a documentary about the female voice in Iran. She will release her upcoming Iceland-produced album this spring.

  • Showtime 8:15 Jan. 18, Brooklyn Bowl. 61 Whyte Avenue, Brooklyn, NY |  718-963-3369

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Check out video of Emel Mathlouthi's performance last week at the 2015 Nobel Prize Ceremony: