From Nacional Records: El Guincho New Album "Hiperasia" First Single "Comix (w/ Mala Rodriguez)"

From a media release:

From Nacional Records:
El Guincho New Album "Hiperasia"
First Single "Comix (w/ Mala Rodriguez)" Debuts via Pitchfork

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Barcelona based production wizard El Guincho announces the release of his new album "Hiperasia" featuring the single "Comix (w/ Mala Rodriguez)". His highly anticipated third album, "Hiperasia" is due out February 12 via Nacional Records. The single is available now via iTunes.

El Guincho - Hiperasia
A visit to a chain of Chinese bazaars in Madrid called Hiperasia inspired Pablo Diaz-Reixa, who performs under the moniker El Guincho. He explains, "Hiperasia is Madrid in macro. It means me adapting to a new and exotic way of life. Experiencing more the city, spending more time in its streets, its an experience much less private than Barcelona."

Born Pablo Díaz-Reixa in the Canary Islands, the Spanish-owned archipelago off the coast of Northwestern Africa, El Guincho found indie blog fame in early 2008, shortly after the release of his album Alegranza (which came out in December of the previous year), which coincided nicely with his North American debut performance in Austin, TX, at the SXSW festival. At age 14, Díaz-Reixa left his home for Continental Europe to focus on a career in sports, but when that didn't work out, he moved to Barcelona, where he played drums in various bands, including Coconut with his guitar-playing cousin.

El Guincho aka Pablo Díaz-Reixa
It was while touring with Coconut in 2006 that the idea for El Guincho — blending samples of his favorite tropicalia and calypso along with percussion and his own vocals — came about. Alegranza was almost instantly compared to Panda Bear's Person Pitch and won El Guincho prized spots at both SXSW and the Pitchfork Music Festival, along with many favorable reviews. His second album, Pop Negro, recorded in Berlin’s Planet Roc studio and various locations around Spain, was released in September of 2010.

"Hiperasia" is best described as a sonically animated adventure with an abrupt, almost violent, enhanced, futuristic sound. Lead single "Comix" featuring vocals from Mala Rodriguez is a perfect example of this.

Hiperasia Collection:
To coincide with the album's release, El Guincho and creative duo Wellness have collaborated to create the Hiperasia Collection, an initial launch of wristbands and sweatshirts that connects its users to a secret universe with exclusive content hosted especially for fans.

"Hiperasia" Tracklisting:
01. Rotu Seco; 02. Cómix feat. Mala Rodríguez; 03. Pizza; 04. Sega; 05. De Bugas; 06. Parte Virtual; 07. Stena Drillmax; 08. Abdi; 09. Muchos Boys; 10. Hiperasia; 11. Pelo Rapado; 12. Mis Hits; 13. Zona Wi-Fi