Winter Woollen Blues: An original song for all of us Northern people

Winter Woollen Blues
An original song for all of us Northern people

I use this blog to review and post material to help promote so many other artists - now it's my turn.

I started to sing seriously - and by that I mean, actually learn how to sing - about four years ago, the spark ignited by my involvement with the Toronto Complaints Choir; I'm the blonde in pink btw. After being convinced my entire life that I couldn't sing... all of a sudden I could hear myself amidst the other voices and I realized that I could.

Anya Wassenberg by Colin S Carlton 2015©
I had studied guitar - briefly - as a preteen and young teenager and even written songs. I have tiny, crooked fingers however and I found guitar excruciating - and of course, I couldn't sing, so I dropped it, only to take up the flute in high school (back when they still had instrumental music in high school...) I got as far as the Royal Conservatory grade 10 but ultimately was dissuaded from pursuing music in any way, shape or form. I have to say, I was easily dissuaded in those days. An unsupportive environment and rent to pay were enough to silence all that. But, it turns out, that kind of thing doesn't go away. It just hibernates. Sometimes for 35 years.

Flash forward: Nowadays I sing in a small band. We've played at a few local gigs with a view to expand bit by bit, and I have started to write songs again.

I do understand - from a historical and geographical point of view - why the Blues is so closely associated with the South. But surely, we northerners have a lot to be bluesy about, and many long, dark, cold months in which to ruminate, brood and stew over our blues,

I wrote this song on March 10, 2015 in a vintage blues/roots style - a significant day in my part of the world. It's that day anyone who has ever lived in or stayed in a northern climate during a too-late spring will understand. March 10, 2015 was the first day that winter broke its cruel, sub-zero stranglehold on our weather and you could go outside in a t-shirt and a blazer without freezing to death. With many thanks to Rob Leonard (sitting off stage playing guitar in the vid) for helping to put this arrangement together.

Here's a casual version of Winter Woollen Blues - an original song by Anya M Wassenberg 2015© - arrangement by Rob Leonard - performed by A.R.T. (Anya Wassenberg - vocals, Rob Leonard - guitar, Tom Finochio - guitar) with Keith Richards helping out on percussion. Performed during the Sunday jam at Rebels Rock Irish Pub (Hamilton, Ontario) on December 27, 2015