Jazz Release: Laura Perlman - Precious Moments (Mile High Records - January 15, 2016)

From a media release:

Jazz Release:
Laura Perlman - Precious Moments
(Mile High Records - January 15, 2016)

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As Michael Doherty writes: "I love how Laura Perlman takes her vocals from intimate, sexy, vulnerable places to these great heights of confidence and joy."

The recording is a triumph for Perlman, who studied voice, piano and film scoring at Berklee College of Music.  Although she dreamed of singing jazz, practicality led her to music editing for the movies. She made it big in that world, with credits on films like "Thelma and Louise," "Driving Miss Daisy," and "A League of Their Own."

In 2002, everything changed when Laura was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.  After beating cancer, she returned to her first love, singing.

A decade later, a new diagnosis changed her life again. A rare blood disease required a bone marrow transplant.  The experience crystallized the importance of focusing on her musical dreams.

“When you battle for your life, your dreams become crystal clear,” Perlman says. “You realize how precious time really is.”

Her biggest dream, to sing on a jazz album, was the destiny of this new life.

Then Laura found a new ally in her quest: Fate.

Her brother, David, and Mark Sherman, a record producer, Juilliard Jazz professor, and DownBeat Critics Poll honored vibraphonist, were friends as kids in New York City.

David contacted Mark.

When Sherman heard her story, and then heard her demo recording, he decided that it was time for the debut, long overdue, to happen.

He reached out to some of the top jazz musicians in Los Angeles, and arranged all of the tracks save two, which GRAMMY® award winning pianist and arranger Bill Cunliffe, contributed. Bill brought in the wonderful bassist Chris Colangelo. Mark Sherman played vibraphone, and reached out to drum legend Joe LaBarbera to round out the quartet backing Laura.

“The biggest pleasant surprise was Laura herself,” Sherman reflects. “As I listen to the playback, I hear Laura crying out the lyrics of these classic standards that she selected. The passion reflects her fight for life itself in the most beautiful way.”

The resulting album are truly a few of Laura’s favorite things, precious moments that are the explosive joyous love of life that will entertain and inspire us for generations to come. Time may not be on our side, but a lull in its relentless drive has given both Laura, and the world, a moment to appreciate her musical gift to the world.

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