Travel Industry News: The MTS Globe Group expands into Mexico, Croatia and United Arab Emirates

From a media release:

Travel Industry News:
The MTS Globe Group expands into Mexico, Croatia and United Arab Emirates

MTS Cape Verde
Mallorca (España) March 4 2016 - The MTS Globe Group, a leading Destination Management and Hotel Trading company in Europe, announces the opening of 3 new offices in Mexico, Croatia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). The MTS Globe Group currently operates out of 65 destination offices in 15 countries.

According to Rembert Euling, CEO of the MTS Globe Group, the opening of offices in these 3 new destinations fits perfectly into the group's growth and expansion plan which is based on creating sustainable and innovative relationships with its partners, clients and suppliers.

Bernd Kienle, General Manager for Mexico & Caribbean and responsible for the office in Cancun, points out that the main focus is on Cancun and the Riviera Maya. “This is a perfect sun and beach destination to integrate into our business model, using our full range of products and services: transfers, rental cars, accommodation, excursions and tour guide services” says Kienle.

MTS Croatia
“Furthermore, Cancun and the Riviera Maya have the biggest volume of European tourists in Mexico: 1.25 million. This is a major plus, as we have had a solid presence in the European source markets for decades” Bernd Kienle adds.

To help with the opening of the office in Dubai, UAE, the MTS Globe Group has partnered with Desert Gate. With CEO Samir Tabbah leading the company, Desert Gate has proven that they are a very experienced team who understand the needs of the group's clients and the challenges they face.

Samir Tabbah explains, “UAE is an excellent destination with great connections, so many of our clients were already selling it with other suppliers. It was important for us that we could also deliver this destination.”

“Despite being a new partner for many hotels, the hoteliers understood immediately the MTS Globe Group potential and many offered exclusive launch deals. The group's network has not disappointed and sales volumes have grown every day” says Tabbah.

MTS Mexico
From the new Croatian office, Managing Director Stanko Ljubic highlights that Croatia has emerged as a primary choice for many holidaymakers: “Given the ever increasing popularity of Croatia, plus demand from our clients, it was a perfect choice for expanding our portfolio”.

Ljubic adds. “Our experienced team involved in this project have, for many years, worked with some of the largest tour- operators throughout Europe and are very excited and proud to be part of the MTS Globe Group.We have worked tirelessly to ensure a successful launch of the Croatian product”.

About the MTS Globe Group: 
MTS Globe is the biggest privately owned incoming company in Europe. Since its foundation in 1968, MTS Globe has built up a strong market presence in 24 source markets in Europe and North America. It serves over 4 million clients with 35 million overnights per year in 12,000 hotels.250 customers have chosen MTS Globe as their preferred destination partner. Its core business is to support tour operators offering customized high-quality destination services which are then packaged and marketed by MTS Globe customers.