Art & Environment: Gladstone Grow Op 2016 to April 24 in Toronto - Opening Party Tonight

An Exhibition on Urbanism, Landscape & Contemporary Art
#GROWOP2016 | @gladstonehotel
April 21-24th, 2016
Opening Reception: April 22, 7-10pm - Tix $10

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I'd hit the Gladstone Hotel this weekend to check out Grow Op 2016, an art exhibition that is currently inhabiting the second floor of the venerable arts institution.

The Gladstone hosts a number of arts shows and events through the year and I've always found them well worth attending - fun, interesting and highlighting the work of the city's best and brightest. This year's Grow Op is no exception, a show that invites you to touch, hear, and in one case at least, confess, along with offering a lot for your eyes to take in. Curators Christine Leu, Graham Teeple and Alan Webb have put together a cool collection of some 30 pieces that are bursting with life; here are some of my favourites.

Terrara by [R]ed[U]x Lab - three artfully sloped and arranged patches of grass, dramatically lit.

Djuna Day's stunning wall assemblage, Everything Seems Alright #10. Djuna doubles as a furniture maker and told me about the peculiarities of douglas fir, which absorbs more silica than other types of wood. It results in the shimmery texture that changes with the grain of each piece, a property Djuna exploits in the beautifully crafted piece.
Djuna Day - Everything Seems Alright #10
Micah Donovan's growing experimental sculpture project is appealing and organic. His living sculptures produce veggies and herbs at the YMCA's Family Development Centre childcare space.
Micah Donovan
The Loop, by Design Build Grow Studio, is a charming hydroponic that uses a closed loop system to recycle nutrient-rich water. It sprawls along the wall in a wash of green.

Altered: The Evolution of Toronto's Church Landscape by Jasmine Frolick and Robynne Redgrave takes up a room with a installation that evokes sacred spaces.

You can groove to organic audio - like the bird songs of Chad Clifford trilling in The Flower Station and Becoming Sensor in an Oak Savannah by Natasha Myers and Ayelen Liberona - they're also doing multi-sensory tours of the black oak savannah in High Park (High Park Gates, April 23 & 24 - 2-4pm)
Timber by David Perrett
Timber - the wobbly cast trees - in lovely fine detail - of David Perrett. It's a playful piece that emphasizes the beauty of the trees.

Petroleum Distillates - an exhibit about paints and the chemical assault on the natural world by Kelly Norman of Dopamine Collective. Confess to your petroleum addiction and you can get a free tote bag. It's bright, visually striking and delivers the message effectively.
My Chemical Garden by Michaela Macleod
My Chemical Garden by Michaela Macleod - bobbing drops from the ceiling filled with manganese chloride that grows a pink 'garden' inside. The effect is as pretty and luminous as it is rather unsettling.
My Chemical Garden by Michaela Macleod