Psychedelic Folk Funk Collective - Pilgrim Speakeasy New Release: Freak Deco (June 15, 2016)

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Pilgrim Speakeasy...The World's Foremost Eclecto-Funk-World-Rock-Electro-Folk-Anomaly !
Freak Deco - June 15, 2016

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I'm loving the psychadelic swing of this Brand Spanking New Pilgrim Speakeasy album for 2016. Freak Deco was in the making for 2 years and features the talents of many esteemed contributors from many countries, including stars of world music from Brazil, Senegal, UK, Columbia and Finland.

The new album features Finnish legend Sakari Kukko (Piirpauke, Youssou N'Dour) and Senegalese artist Meissa Njang (Orchestra Baobab) along with Brazilian vocalist Sara Elisa Alves and Columbian multi-instrumentalist Luis Fernando Godoy.
Europe'’s psychedelic folk funk collective known as Pilgrim Speakeasy are pointedly taking on interpersonal frustrations with their groove-heavy new single “Plan D.”  The darkly wry lyrics belie the energetic, genre bending world beat.  “Plan D” is the second single from Pilgrim Speakeasy’'s forthcoming album Freak Deco. According to music blogger Jani Ekblom, Pilgrim Speakeasy present “an irresistible musical vision where genres and styles mix and live together in harmony." “Plan D” features world music legends Meissa Niang (Orchestra Baobab) on vocals & percussion, Sakari Kukko (Piirpauki, Orchestra Baobab, Youssou Ndour) on sax and Mika Myllari (MMQ) on trumpet.

Pilgrim Speakeasy began as the “freak-powered vehicle” for the expressions of a psychedelic troubadour, Roger Roge, a Scotland-born expatriate currently residing in Finland. Although solely producing albums since 2000, Pilgrim Speakeasy remain an open entity that has welcomed the talents of esteemed contributors from many countries, including Brazil, Senegal, United Kingdom, Columbia, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

At present, the Pilgrim Speakeasy collective consists of Roger Roge, Panu Mölsä (bass, ukulele), and Markus Mulkahainen (drums, percussion). Freak Deco is the follow-up to the group's acclaimed Lo-Fi Love at the Park Cafe album.

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Recorded between 2014-2016 at The Speakeasy, Suomi. Mastered at Hafod Mastering Wales by Mike Isaacs and Gethin John.