#CUTMR2017 - Come Up To My Room Alternative Design Exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel Toronto January 19 to 22 2017

#CUTMR2017 - Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel Toronto January 19 to 22, 2017
14th Annual Alternative Design Exhibition
part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO)

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Art and design exhibits have taken over the Gladstone Hotel again for the 14th annual Alternative Design Exhibition. I checked out the exhibits on the 2nd floor, but there is more to see on the main, 3rd and 4th floors too. There isn't enough room to describe it all, but here are a few of the highlights.
Primavera in Sospeso by Jennie Suddick & Anna Rose
Primavera in Sospeso (Spring on Hold) - Jennie Suddick and Anna Rose
A tangle of textiles and fibres hangs ceiling to floor, made up of found materials in both artist's practices. It does evoke a lush sort of atmosphere, one that is almost suffocating, with an edge of implied violence.
Propagation Station by 1:1 collective
Propagation Station - 1:1 Collaborative
This playful station recreates images of Toronto's iconic buildings, and lets you cover them with stickers of pollenators and progators like bees, seeds, and rain.
The Long, Tedious Task of Waiting - Amanda Gresik
The Long, Tedious Task of Waiting - Amanda Gresik
This clever design room by Amanda Gresik beautifully recreates the seemingly endless opportunities we have to wait in our world.
Missisquoi Room by Simon Johns
Missisquoi Room - Simon Johns
This elegant installation combines the neutral tones and texture of the dried, grassy plants found near Johns' home in East-Bolton, meticulously placed and hung in an arch, offset with a sleek black wood bench.
Endosphere by Kaya Kim, Deena Jamokha, Garbo Zhu
Endosphere - Kaya Kim, Deena Jamokha & Garbo Zhu
Undulating white forms with cubed surfaces make up this intriguing sculpture that sits in the hallway.
From The Fortune Room by Patrick Li
Fortune Room - Patrick Li
Images don't do justice to this clever design room. On the floor, there is a bed of fortunes (as in, from fortune cookies,) that wave around like seagrasses in the current of a controlled wind. On one wall, hundreds of fortunes stuck with clear, and on the other, the same treatment for hundreds of (previously) winning lottery numbers. It's an amusing illustration of our obsession with luck and trying to know the future.
Rat's Next Skate Park by Oasis Skateboard Factory
Rat's Nest Skatepark - Oasis Skateboard Factory (OSF)
This is the group's depiction of a post-apocalyptic skateboard park. Oh, and it's been taken over by giant rats. The combination of street art and skateboard culture comes courtesy of the alternative school's design program.
Shift by Ryerson School of Interior Design Show Committee
Shift - Ryerson School of Interior Design Show Committee
A hallways is reimagined in this eye catching black and white installation.
Primavera in Sospeso

Along with the exhibits, the Gadstone invites you to explore five featured artist-designed suites on the 3rd and 4th floors during exhibition hours.

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