Art + Sound: Soundwall Debuts Nova - art you can touch to stream music...

With material from a media release:

Art + Sound
Soundwall Debuts Nova
art you can touch to stream music...

I don't usually get into techie subjects, but this one was too supercool to pass up. Soundwall is an innovative company that manufactures flat-panel speakers made of aluminum artwork.

The Technology
The entire surface of a Soundwall is a speaker. The Nova uses Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology to produce brilliant sound. Exciters mounted on the back of the aluminum art vibrate the surface to produce incredible, full-range sound throughout your room.

You Choose The Look
There are over 150 existing works of art to choose from in a variety of sizes. You can also upload your own pieces, including artwork or photographs, for a one of a kind design. The image is printed on the aluminum using a dye sublimation process that creates crisp, vivid images.
Artist Sam Day in his studio
Add Lighting
You can add dynamic ambient backlighting, with a number of presets to choose from. You control the lighting from a mobile app.

Interactive Magic Touch
You touch the screen to play, pause and skip songs.

The Details:
It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices, with a simple WiFi connection and a built-in computer for app functionality.

• Price: Starting at $900USD.
• Find out more at the link