Niq Reefman - A Selection of Musical Tales (Independent - April 9 2017)

Niq Reefman - A Selection of Musical Tales
(Independent - April 9 2017)

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You don't often describe someone as a Trumpet-Singer-Songwriter, but Aussie Niq Reefman is anything but ordinary. He uses jazz chords, electronics, and folky, conscious lyrics to tell stories with song. He calls himself "Instrument-fronted Contemporary Singer-Songwriter".

Based in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia, his music is hard to categorize, but easy to enjoy. Niq's voice is fluid and accomplished, with a style that veers between folk and vaudeville.

Witch Doctor is bouncy and electronic, where Close Shave uses accordion and trumpet in Niq's singular style to create something that could be musical theatre with a slight touch of Frank Zappa, without the profanity. From I Got My Mojo Back,

I am not amused at all
Last night I was God
Life can play cruel games on you
Just when you're thinking you were up on top 

I'm a good boy is most like a conventional jazzy pop song...almost. Obligation is spoken word over a sythy jazz track, punctuated by trumpet notes.

Musical comedy fuses with jazz in his live shows, where his talent for storytelling comes alive. Niq spent 2016 playing in festivals, vineyards, wine bars, restaurants, theatres, schools and homes across Australia, including a well received appearance at Granite Town Festival, where he was asked to join the closing band for a guest appearance.

It's fun collection, thoughtful, quirky, and musically diverse, to say the least.

Personnel: Niq Reefman - Trumpet, Keyboard/synth (percussion & bass included), Vocals, Accordion, Ukulele.

  1. Witchdoctor
  2. Close Shave
  3. Glue
  4. Mooshiek Man
  5. I’ve got my Mojo back
  6. I’m a Good Boy
  7. Horn of Fate
  8. Storm at Sea
  9. Obligation
  10. Fishing
  11. In Australia
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