Acoustic Folk Recently released: Deb Montgomery - 'Long Long Journey' May 1, 2017

Recently released:
Deb Montgomery - Long Long Journey
(Independent - May 1, 2017)

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Acoustic/folk singer/songwriter Deb Montgomery recently released her debut full-length solo album, Long Long Journey. It's a thoughtful journey into modern folk lit up by her melodic and expressive vocals.

Canadian born, she's now based in Seattle, Washington, after a stint in New York City. Her career has spanned twenty years and four records, some film credits, and the pleasure of sharing stages recording with musicians, writers, and producers—like Andy Stochansky (Ani Difranco), Ron Sexsmith, Bob Wiseman, and Julia Kent—along with playing solo.

Her lyrics are thoughtful, with a romantic heart. From Long, Long Journey,

Pierce me, pierce you
Let your love cut me through
You know I need what is true
You know how much I need you

"I think of songwriting as my cave wall etchings: sometimes prison walls, sometimes dream walls, sometimes mysteries, and sometimes stories.  Songwriting for me has been a way through…" she says in a media release.

The words are poetically insightful. From Fear,

It don't matter where I put my fear
When I'm pushed, it reappears...

A taste of the stripped down style:

Long Long Journey is a Collection of Songs from the last twenty years, including newly crafted tracks. She recorded the album with Floyd Reitsma in Seattle, at Studio Litho.

A varied finger picking style of playing and a voice that can go from sweet to harder edged flesh out the words with a sense of passionate sincerity. On Awake, she switches to a subdued piano accompaniment and throws the focus directly on the words. I want to stay awake...with you.

Love Rocks You enters a more rhythmic, upbeat mode and words that are half spoken, half sung for a sound that evolves into a trance-like groove. With the classic stripped down folk instrumentation of acoustic guitar and voice, Deb pulls a variety of directions to explore.


A version of Fly Free performed with a full band: