GastroFestival Madrid January 20 to February 4, 2018

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GastroFestival Madrid
January 20 to February 4, 2018

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Eat your way through Madrid as you enjoy the sights, sounds, culture, and fashion early next year for the GastroFestival Madrid. The city of Madrid invites everyone to enjoy first-rate cuisine during the Madrid Fusión International Gastronomy Summit. This is a world-class encounter between professional chefs, but its Gastrofestival also takes some of its creations out into the streets of Madrid.

This wide-ranging programme includes everything from delicious set menus in selected restaurants, culinary workshops, to gastronomy-themed exhibitions in major museums. The section entitled Gastroculture at the Gastrofestival features a number of museums and art galleries offering a "cultural menu" comprising itineraries, lectures, discussions and guided visits.

For fifteen days restaurants, shops, museums and cultural centres in Madrid will be taking part in this fantastic event in which art plays a leading role. A complete experience, this great festival for the senses features special menus, culinary routes and cookery courses, and invites everyone to enjoy all aspects of gastronomy.
Gran Via, Madrid
Restaurants and bars across the city will take part in some of the now favourite sections, including the Degustatapas tapas tastings and Rioja Wine in Our Favourite Bars. Last year gluten-free restaurants participated for the first time, offering special menus just like other eateries around the city. You can choose a themed culinary tour,
  • Spanish Cuisine
  • World And Fusion Cuisine
  • Degustatapas
  • Rioja wine in our favorite bars
  • Madrid Markets
  • Dining with the Stars
  • Route for the sweet-toothed
  • Colombian coffee route
  • Cocktail bars
  • Cookery schools
  • Homeware stores
  • Gourmet shops
Gastrofestival has six main themes: Gastronomic Madrid, Gastroculture, Sensory Experiences, Gastrofashion, Wine Culture and Gastrohealth.

Various cultural venues across Madrid also take part in this culinary event with an array of offerings that seamlessly merge culture with gastronomy. The previous edition featured Conde Duque, the Madrid Municipal Newspaper Library, the Contemporary Art Museum and the Costume Museum.

From last year's Festival: