Pop Single: Saycille 'Wish' (Independent: Aug 15, 2017)

Saycille 'Wish'
(Independent: Aug 15, 2017)

You could say that Saycille is a latecomer to the musical party - but she's making up for that now. Born near Amsterdam, Saycille worked at a variety of jobs until the age of 52, when she lost her job. She decided to volunteer at at Tijd voor Meedoen (TvM), a local community centre, where she started a weekly group for people to get together and make new friends.

At TvM, she also joined the amateur TvM-band as a singer, and quickly discovered a desire and talent for songwriting. The only problem was, she didn't play any instruments to be able to add the chords to her words and melody. No problem! After a 15-minute Youtube video called "instant piano genius" she figured out enough to create her first compositions.

Wish is her first single, a buoyant pop song with a sense of momentum. Her vocals sweet and sincere, with a surprising depth for someone who started the way she did. The track is catchy and hummable, with an upbeat swing and message.

"I want to express whats in my heart, to make way for what's in other peoples hearts, where I believe we all share the same love for life itself and our beautiful planet."

Look out for her CD Hearbeat, set for release in February 2018.

Saycille (vocals/writer); Petra Lugtenburg: Grand piano; Dave van Beek: Drums; Xander Buvelot: Bass; Frank Stukker: Gitar

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