Alt Hotel Ottawa unveils the art collection by resident artist Jason Cantoro

From a media release:

Alt Hotel Ottawa unveils the art collection by resident artist Jason Cantoro

132 custom pieces have been created for this chic hotel in our national capital

Montreal, April 11th, 2018 - Groupe Germain Hotels and MASSIVart are proud to present the artwork of Montreal's multidisciplinary artist Jason Cantoro. Exhibited in 132 rooms of the Alt Hotel Ottawa, the collection consists of a series of 3D origami folded photographs which are installed directly on the walls.

Canadian hotelier, Groupe Germain Hotels, has sought the expertise of MASSIVart to develop a unique and authentic collection of art pieces that represent the aesthetic of the Alt banner. In order to create personalized works of art, the MASSIVart team designed an artistic space in collaboration with Jason Cantoro. Upon immersing himself in the hotel's sleek urban atmosphere, the artist was immediately inspired and worked to create pieces that would reflect these spaces. Cantoro has brought to life exclusive art which perfectly complement the Alt Hotel Ottawa's urban design, while delicately emphasizing Canada's heritage- a nod to the national capital where the hotel is located.

These works are part of a series he named The Paper Trail, originally developed by the artist in Belgrade during his stay in 2017. This series tells the story of common pieces of paper we carry around in our pockets. Sometimes collected, sometimes discarded, these papers are imbued with both personal and collective meaning. By enlarging them to extravagant proportions, the artist allows the viewer to examine the details while plunging them into a sweet nostalgia.

"The fact that an artist can draw inspiration from the place where his works will be exhibited makes it possible to create links between the artist, the environment, and the community. This collaboration has enabled the hotel to acquire custom art for the pleasure of their guests while highlighting the work of a local artist.", stated Philippe Demers, CEO and principal partner of MASSIVart.

As Groupe Germain Hotels are on a constant quest to offer their guests an experience where comfort and design are prioritized, the collaboration with Cantoro made for a quintessential pairing with the hotel's dynamic and colourful look. In several rooms, The Alt Hotel Ottawa incorporates art pieces and design elements by Canadian artists such as Altexpo, an art collective, as well as Monter, Descendre, a unique interactive device designed by the Canadian design studio, Daily tous les jours. All guests - from art and design connoisseurs to passionate amateurs - will enjoy an upscale experience during their stay at the Alt Hotel Ottawa.

About  Jason Cantoro
Born in 1979, Jason Cantoro is a Montreal-based visual artist of French Canadian and Italian origin. He lives and works in Montreal. He co-founded Cinqunquatre with Alice Jarry (2004-2016) and Studio Le Club in 2016, located at the legendary Shiff Building at 305 Bellechasse. His studio is a free creative space where he also acts as a mentor for emerging artists and print master. He collaborates with multiple actors of the artistic scene and representatives of both private and public sector, and private art buyers. He also creates commissioned art pieces for collectors and enthusiasts. His artwork is pretty eclectic and goes from the street in situ interventions, public art structural pieces, mural work, wallpapers, to high-end silkscreen pieces on cotton/wood panels, paintings, photographic images, origami folds and hybridization of those techniques. He works both art and branding/design and sees those spheres as nursing each other.

About MASSIVart Collections
MASSIVart Collections is a specialized evaluation, acquisition, and artwork management service. In collaboration with artists, architects, and designers, MASSIVart Collections looks to explore creative ways to integrate art into different public and private spaces. It offers businesses, particulars, and foundations an alternative investment opportunity, giving them access to a unique index of renowned Québécois and Canadian artists. Ensuring the outreach of local artists, the global art consultancy and production agency MASSIVart reaffirms its commitment to promoting the development of Canadian artists.

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