TRAVEL: From FlightNetwork - The World's Ultimate Bucket List For 2018©

From FlightNetwork
The World's Ultimate Bucket List For 2018©

Flight Networks has come up with the World's Ultimate Bucket List for travelers, including 50 destinations and trips that range from experiences like watching a centre court match as Wimbledon and quaffing a beer in Muninch at Oktoberfest to taking in stunning Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or soaking up the salt flats in Bolivia.

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To create the World’s Ultimate Bucket List for 2018, Flight Network consulted 800+ of the world’s leading travel journalists, agencies, bloggers, and editors- the people who do this for a living- to gain insight from their opinions and expertise. By consulting the world’s top travel professionals, Flight Network produced a bucket list for the modern era  — meant to captivate and inspire travellers all over the world.
Tiger's Nest, Paro Taktsang, Bhutan
Here are a few examples to whet your appetite for travel:

Visit Tiger’s Nest
Paro Taktsang, Bhutan
The Tiger’s Nest Monastery, also known as Paro Taktsang, is one of the most spectacular sites in the Himalayas. A sacred site to this day, the Tiger’s Nest is built on a cave believed to have been where Guru Rinpoche traveled to on the back of a tigress to meditate for 3 months, hence the nickname “tiger’s nest.” This event is historically known as that which introduced Buddhism to the Bhutanese people. Not only is this one of the world’s best sanctuaries to learn more about Buddhism and Bhutanese culture, but the site itself is awe-inspiring and sensationally arousing. A set of white, gold and red structures cling to the side of a sheer cliff side 900 m above the floor of Paro valley, all backed by stunning, emerald-green jungle and epic mountain views. Being present here will make you feel soulfully isolated and in charge with the magnetism of the planet’s greatness.
Mountain Gorilla in Virunga National Park, DR Congo
Gorilla Trekking in Central Africa
Virunga National Park, Rwanda, DR Congo
Traveling involves considering the impact of your vacation on the local people and environment. When you check out the Virunga National Park in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) you are not just hoping to experience the legendary Mountain Gorilla in one of its last natural habitats on earth, along with more than 10,000 other species of animals. The Virunga National Park, listed as endangered UNESCO World Heritage, and the tourists is draws, is contributing directly to the local economy and helping to preserve and maintain the natural habitat.
Tokyo, Japan
Ignite Your Senses in Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
A trip to Tokyo is like taking a spaceship into a technicolour metropolis. It’s glowing, neon-lit streets, bold, colourful fashion, and towering ultra-modern buildings are something out of a sci-fi film. By day, you can explore Harajuku’s edgy boutique fashion stores, scale the world’s tallest tower — Tokyo Sky Tree — come face-to-face with a giant robot, or spend hours in an electronics store that resembles more of a multi-sensory theme park than your regular Walmart. Exploring the intensely frenetic streets of Tokyo will create a stimulating and exhilarating sense of adventure as natives and tourists rush by to take in all that makes up Tokyo.