Chill/Downtempo Release: ivoryHaus - ivoryHAUS (Independent/September 14, 2018)

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Chill/Downtempo Release:
ivoryHaus - ivoryHAUS
(Independent/September 14, 2018)

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"I wanted to make an album of chill/downtempo music, so this release was largely inspired by things that mellow me out: hiking, stargazing, and the ocean. Sonically, glitched pianos, analog synthesizers, and hip hop rhythms guide you through the record." - ivoryHAUS

ivoryHAUS is the alter-ego of Noa Spott, a Philadelphia based multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. A full-time musician, Noa balances his commercial endeavors by composing and recording adventurous solo projects as ivoryHAUS. The eponymous album is his debut full-length release.

It's no surprise to find Noa's favourite classical composer is Debussy, with his deceptively simple melodies, and the combination of dissonance and harmony. He studied recording technology in college, which give shim the tools to create his ambient soundscapes.

While the instrumental tracks have no official lyrics, they are evocative and tell a story of their own through the music, from the optimism of Orange Sky to the searching of Sweet Dreams, and the sombre sweep of Sadr Region.

He creates music that is layered and atmospheric, building and playing with the ebb and flow of intensity. He uses a variety of different approaches from the purely melodic to the stuttered repetition of hip hop and rap, to the spacey dissonance of electronica.

Good Morning evokes the swell of the tide and the birds on an ocean stroll with a sense of calm and serenity. Forests is a highlight, opening with quirky noises and a rhythmic beat that segues into jazzy electronic piano and guitar. Searching for Saturn wraps you up in a celestial electronic groove.

"Since college, I have been interested in contributing and furthering art. Not that what I make is crazy or different, but I want to share music that people can listen to. I think of other mediums like live performances, virtual reality videos, or short films to go along with my albums."

Track List
1. Orange Sky 2. Sweet Dreams 3. Good Morning 4. Forests 5. Clouds 6. Sadr Region 7. Searching for Saturn 8. Alleviate

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Sweet Dreams