Electronic R&B: Tropic - Bittersweet (Independent/July 23 2018)

Electronic R&B
Tropic - Bittersweet
(Independent/July 23 2018)

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Brooklyn, New York based produce Phuse and singer Jo-B Sebastian got together to craft some earworm tracks under the name Tropic. The collaboration brings together the best of electronic dance music and smooth R&B vocals with a nice sense of variation. Inventive beats and a range of styles give the EP a lot of replay value.

Bittersweet, the title track, has a fluid R&B version with an impressive vocal performance, and an electronicized redux version that downplays the vocals and adds a slow and sexy beat with a fat sound.

Vocals and the beats share centre stage without either giving up ground. Nostalgia is a dance song full of rhythmic complexities, overlaid with classic R&B vocal gymnastics. Breathe Again has a hypnotic pulse, with more than a nod to the classic dance tracks of the 1990s in its musical inspiration.

Over You is electronica with an infusion of soul, the vocals and synthy embellishments playing off against each other.

The collaborators got together by accident, and like many New Yorkers, their path came from divergent routes. Phuse was born just outside LA and learned to play piano at the same time he was learning how to walk. Jo-B Sebastian was born in Hong Kong, raised in Manila, and now lives on the East Coast.

Track List
1. Bittersweet; 2. Nostalgia; 3. Breathe Again; 4. Over You; 5. Bittersweet Redux

Personnel - Jarel Hill: Music Production; Jo-B Sebastian: Vocals & Composition

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