Modern Pop: Monique Angele - Alive (Independent/September 7 2018)

Modern Pop:
Monique Angele - Alive
(Independent/September 7 2018)

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Melbourne, Australia based singer and pianist Monique Angele offers listeners an album's worth of polished piano pop on Alive, which releases September 7, 2018.

The focus is on her clear and fluid soprano, and rightly so. Lush production and fat orchestral arrangements provide just the right backdrop to Monique's compelling vocals. You can hear years of training in her flawless vocal technique. Her background in opera training along with musical theatre gives her the chops to both impress and emote.

Pink Coloured Sky is a standout track, building from a spare arrangement of piano and voice to an orchestral swell.

The mood throughout the album is bright and upbeat. Hold On has a nice bluesy/gospel feel that showcases the rich tone of her vocals. Our Paradise is another highlight, a song with an uplifting message under a relentless beat. Rare Girl pares the focus down to voice and a fluid piano line in classic singer/songwriter mode.

The one quibble I might have with the release is that the vocals are overly processed in some passages. They're strong enough that they don't need all the extra help in any case.

Personnel - Vocals and Piano: Monique Angele; Drums: Shawn Burgess; Violin: Sarah Busuttil; Guitar, Bass and Other Instruments: Sean O'Sullivan from Highway 9 Productions

Track List:
1. Pink Coloured Sky; 2. Our Paradise; 3. Forever Strong; 4. Rare Girl; 5. Hold On; 6. I Want a World

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