Recently Released RnB: B. Mills - The Life & Times of an Eternal Optimist (Independent/August 31, 2018)

Recently Released:
B. Mills - The Life & Times of an Eternal Optimist
(Independent/August 31, 2018)

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Singer/songwriter/producer B. Mills brings a diverse set of influences— ranging from D.C.'s legendary Backyard Band, to Radiohead, Marvin Gaye, and Kendrick Lamar - to The Life & Times of an Eternal Optimist, his recent release.
"Every song on this project embodies a sense of urgency in the pursuit of dreams, love, and happiness. Our common thread as people becomes unwoven at times -- by race, religion, gender, sexuality, economics, and politics. We all are in the struggle to survive these conditions -- more concerned with our individual needs, and less concerned about the group. Sometimes we begin to tie the thread back together -- with rallies, marches, protests, concerts, etc. However, the wheel we're on was built by division, not unification -- and it continues to spin round and round. Yet, no matter how dark it gets, there's always a light peeking through the cave. It's the light of hope and love, and this light remains undefeated against the darkness of doubt and hate. This project shines that light all throughout. Life, love, success, happiness, hopes, desires -- we all dream the same things, just in different ways. For we are one." -B. Mills
Eternal Optimist offers melodic RnB and soul with a retro feel, but still thoroughly contemporary in tone - where the vocals and harmonies take centre stage, fed by an irresistible groove. Sleek production values showcase a sophisticated sense of melody and intriguingly layered arrangements.

Each song offers a different mood. The Light is a hypnotic track with a slow and sexy feel, perfect for that slow dance with someone you love. Conflicted is jazzy, with lyrics that match the minor chords with a dash of rueful honesty. If U Will is an upbeat pop song with a catchy and anthemic refrain, and It's About Damn Time offers D's fluid jazzy vocals over acoustic piano in a classic song about regret.

B. Mills writes, performs, arranged, and produced all the tracks on the album. His collaborators all went to the same high scohol back in Maryland, including childhood friend Vincent "Invincible" Watson, who mixed all songs on the project and co-produced two of them. Watson comes to the album from a stellar year that has so far included a production credit for I Like It by Cardi B and a song on the recent Nicki Minaj project. All songs were written, performed, arranged and produced by B. Mills.

Track List:
1. And We Rise
2. The Light
3. Get up 2 Get Down
4. Conflicted
5. If U Will
6. It's About Damn Time (Interlude)
7. Slow Motion
8. Life Is Beautiful

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