Americana/Roots: Highbeams - Keep Meaning It (Blanket Fort/Independent October 1, 2018)

Highbeams - Keep Meaning It
(Blanket Fort/Independent October 1, 2018)

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Highbeams are three brothers: Adam Pendlington, Ian Pendlington, and Stephen Quinn, and they have this to say about their new release:

Keep Meaning It is about continuing to pursue something even after it becomes challenging. Whether it be a relationship, career, or a dream. Finding who you are and what you want, and remaining steadfast in your pursuit.

The group offers melodic acoustic guitar driven Americana/folk with a sweeping sensibility that is steeped in their Georgia roots. Since forming in 2012, Highbeams has released two full length albums and performed all over the Southeast alongside national acts like Vertical Horizon, Chase Bryant, and Col Bruce Hampton.

The group explores the range of folk to country to rock with a nod to the classic interpretations, but with a thoroughly modern polish, and there's a nice sense of variety within the well worn genre. Vocal harmonies enhance the upbeat mood, with crisp drum lines that build to the chorus of You Can Leave Me - I won't change.

Someday is part pop, part folk, with the bouncy verse of a pop song and the hymn-like chorus of a folk song in three-part harmony. I Know a Place crosses over into country with swirling violins and lyrics about the one that got away. Talking To Myself is pure acoustic folk, with introspective lyrics sung in harmony. Guilty is a standout track, a song that cycles through a range of moods from contemplative to anthemic, with a relentless rhythm underneath the soaring vocals

Highbeams mine familiar territory, giving it their own stamp, with lovely harmonies and polished production values - impressive given it is a home studio recording. If there's one quibble, it's that the vocals are overly processed in some of the tracks. With three-part harmony, it's not necessary.

Track List:
1. You Can Leave Me
2. Someday
3. I Do!
4. Mess We Made
5. Bears
6. I Know a Place
7. Talking to Myself
8. Sunshine
9. Either Way
10. To Measure a Moment
11. Guilty
12. Window ft. Jenny and Sky

Adam Pendlington: Vocals, Guitar, and Bass; Stephen Quinn: Vocals, Bass, and Guitar; Ian Pendlington: Backing Vocals, Cajon, Piano

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