Cumbia/Chicha/Son Recently Released: DDLO - Suenos de Luna y Mar (Independent / August 15, 2018)

Recently Released:
DDLO - Suenos de Luna y Mar
(Independent / August 15, 2018)

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Suenos de Luna y Mar brings you a fun and upbeat indie EP with the distinctive flavours of Latin jazz, just in time for cooler weather up north. The release is marked by a playful sensibility and wicked chops.

The EP features four tracks. The irresistible beats of cumbia and chicha swirl in a fanciful melody in El Mundo Fosforescente, with unusual chord changes, growling guitars, and spoken word vocals that add an eery edge.  El Día que Llegó el Payaso (The Day The Clown Cried) will have you dancing. Named after the Spanish title of an old Jerry Lewis movie, the track includes a mournful trumpet line over a relentless rhythm.

The spooky vibe returns in El Pulpo y la Luna - which means either The Octopus And The Moon, or the Guy Who Gives People Hickies And The Moon (thanks Urban Dictionary!) - with an off kilter vibe and a classic cumbia organ riff with that distinctive rhythm and a wailing guitar line. A clarinet adds an edgy high end as the track builds to a crescendo of invention. Nostalgia Majestuoso brings it down to acoustic guitar and percussion in a classic Latin vein, with a soulful Andean flute (? - uncredited) and a laid back rhythm.

DDLO is a collective that was the brainchild of I.J. Smith, a jazz multi-instrumentalist and composer who took a long hiatus from recording to raise his daughter. Now that he's back gigging regularly, look for more to come.

If you like your psychadelic cumbia and chicha with a sense of humour and superb musicianship, this is your new playlist.

Track List
1. El Mundo Fosforescente
2. El Día que Llegó el Payaso
3. El Pulpo y la Luna
4. Nostalgia Majestuoso

I.J. Smith: Guitars/Tres/Percussion/Congas; Pablo Conte: Drums/Percussion
Eric Marshall: Upright/Bass; Tony DaQuipa: Congas/Drums; Adrian Gormeley: Sax/Bass Clarinet/Clarinet; Bill Swan: Trumpet.

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