Pop Single: Leon Seti - Silver Lining (Independent / 3 September 2018)

Pop Single:
Leon Seti - Silver Lining
(Independent / 3 September 2018)

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Silver Lining is the latest single from Leon Seti, with a new video that adds enigmatic visuals to the electro-pop sound.

Electro-pop confection Leon Seti is a solo project born from the fruitful mind of Leo Baldi, who writes, arranges, and produces all his own material. Silver Linings is the first single to come out as a teaser for his second album, titled Cobalt.

Silver Lining highlights his fluid and expressive vocals that go from a sultry whisper to a full throated and nimble high end. The song is melodic, with an interesting off beat rhythm that adds to its appeal. It ventures into whimsical territory for a track with some interesting surprises.

Based in London and Italy, Leon's previous releases include an EP, Talking Shadows and an album titled Genuflection, establishing his trademark musing about death, lust, and depression with an idiosyncratic style and atmospheric vocals.

Look for Cobalt coming up next year.

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