Holidays In The City: Seasonal Offerings at the Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto Starting November 16, 2018

Holidays In The City
Seasonal Offerings at the Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto
Starting November 16, 2018

Toronto's Omni King Edward Hotel has been welcoming dignitaries, tourists, travelers, and the citizens of Toronto for more than a century. As the weather gets more and more frightful towards the end of the year, the ornate historic hotel has some holiday specials to help stoke the holiday mood.
Omni King Edward Hotel, entrance
Nutcracker Afternoon Tea At Victoria's Restaurant

· Beginning November 16 and available until December 30, Victoria’s restaurant will serve their traditional Nutcracker Tea, inspired by the famous holiday ballet. Cozy up this winter with tea, sweet cheeses, finger sandwiches, pastries and scones.Ffinalized menu offerings to be confirmed soon. $54 per person, Wednesday – Sunday, 1:30-5:00pm
Omni King Edward Hotel, Victoria's Restaurant
Adult Hot Chocolate At The Consort Bar

· Starting November 21, limited-time adult hot chocolate options will be available at The Consort Bar. You'll find a selection of Adult Hot Chocolate delights, powdered brewed in hot milk. Ask about lactose-free options.
Omni King Edward Hotel, Consort Bar
Tromba Tequila, Fee Brother's Aztec Chocolate Bitters, Leche de Cabra, whipped cream, spicy 'snowflakes', fire roasted jalapeno garnish $15

Bailey's Irish Cream, Housemade orange cinnamon bitters, whipped cream, chocolate candy cande rim, S'More garnish $15
Gastropub Fare
Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, eggnog whipped cream, candy cane nutmet & toasted marshmallow garnish $15

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Hennessy V.S.O.P., Hazelnut Bitter Spritz, whipped cream, toasted pecan sprinkle, snowman garnish $18

A look at the hotel: