Jazz/RnB: Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio - It's Time (Independent / November 16 2018)

Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio - It's Time
(Independent / November 16 2018)

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The Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio offers up a smooth slice of elegant, soulful jazz and RnB in It's Time, their latest full-length release. Rose Ann's big, beautiful voice is front and centre on the album, as it should be. She's got pipes that are big, but with a velvety finish that adds a rich tone.

The band goes through a number of genres and moods on the album with expert ease. Miles is the second single from the album, a slow and sexy jazzy RnB number. No Goodbyein', the first single, is a dancey electro-pop number with funky shades of classic Prince in the mix.

Forever Day by Day is funky, with interesting jazzy chord progressions, while 10 Miles to Empty ventures farther into jazz territory, with ethereal vocals and a jittery web of layered keyboard tracks underneath.

You don't need to know the band's background to be impressed by their chops, but if you do, it shouldn't come as a surprise. Based in Oakland, Ca, Rose Ann released 8 solo albums previous under the name rad, and played in Prince's band from 2003 to 2004 in the Musicology tour, along with performing at the 2004 Grammys backing up Prince and Beyonce. LA based Raymond McKinley (bass) has roots in gospel music, and has played with iconic artists like Patti Labelle, Sheila E., Tower of Power, and George Duke. Swiss born Berklee alumnus Massimo Buonanno is a seasoned session and gig drummer in Europe.

Dinner For One is a classic piano ballad, with Rose Ann's voice dancing around the spare keyboard chords and whispery cymbals. It breaks into a slow groove - one of the highlights of the release.

Happily's Never After is another stand out track, where the straightforward poetry of the lyrics complements with layers of keyboard and drum lines.

I wish I could love you
For more than one night at a time...

Measure of a Man is moody and atmospheric, with soulful vocals that carry the messag of love and respect. True to its name, Latin Soul adds a distinctively southern Latin rhythm to a contemporary jazz instrumental track.

On keyboards, Rose Ann adds layers of inventive accompaniment to her own vocals. That's All finishes the album with a nod to the classic jazz ballads of yesteryear. It's yet another mode where the ensemble excels.

Polished musicianship and a playful sense of invention give this release a big playback factor.

Track List:
1. Forever Day By Day
2. 10 Miles to Empty
3. Dinner For One
4. Seven Days
5. Happily's Never After
6. Measure of A Man
7. Truly Love Someone
8. Latin Soul
9. Miles
10. No Goodbyein'
11. Mad Run
12. That's All

Rose Ann Dimalanta: Vocals and Keyboards; Raymond McKinley: bass; Massimo Buonanno: drums

Artist Links
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roseanndimalantatrio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roseanndimalantatrio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/roseanndtrio
Website: http://roseanndimalantatrio.com
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  1. Ein durch und durch gelungenes Album. Das Trio harmoniert wunderbar und die drei sind excellente Musiker. Live gesehen am 17.11.2018 in der Mühle Hunziken. Ich war hin und weg vom Konzert. Stilrichtungen von Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin bis zu Balladen war alles dabei. Da ist ganz viel Leidenschaft dabei und Rose Ann mit ihrer sympathischen Art am Piano ist umwerfend. Vielen Dank für eure unterstützenswerte Arbeit! Falls dies mal jemand liest von der Band... ;-)


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