#VisitHaiti Jacmel Is Haiti's Artistic Heart - the Caribbean's Last Undiscovered Jewel

Jacmel Is Haiti's Artistic Heart
the Caribbean's Last Undiscovered Jewel

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Tourists are beginning to rediscover Haiti, the lush tropical nation with a storied history and much to offer.
Jacmel, Haiti by Portauprincien
Jacmel combines a vibrant artistic vibe with the gorgeous tropical weather and lush landscape of the Caribbean, and architecture that is a feast for the eyes, including buildings in tropical colours with iconic gingerbread decorations in white.

The old port city of Jacmel is located in the south coast of Haiti, spread around a 3km long bay. You'll enjoy local cuisine, including plenty of seafood, a thriving local arts and music scene, and a centuries old town centre that has been declared a UNESCO protected historic site.
Les Bassins-Bleu by LOTUS Art
Just outside the city, you'll find the blue pools they call Bassins-Bleu, fed by the cool waters of the waterfalls to the west. There are a few beaches to choose from, including the Raymond Les Bains, one of the most popular to the east of town.

The work of Haitian artists lines the walls of the Salubria Gallery, located in a gracious old house in the downtown area. There are other galleries to explore, including the Jacmel Arts Center or  Sant D'A Jakmel.

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