Jazz CD Release:The Pearcy / Gratzmiller Jazz Quintet - Over the Edge (Independent / 12 October 2018)

Jazz CD Release:
The Pearcy / Gratzmiller Jazz Quintet - Over the Edge
(Independent / 12 October 2018)

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A roster jazz cats from Beantown got together to create this project - The Pearcy/Gratzmiller Jazz Quintet - and it took ten years to compile the original tracks on their release, Over The Edge.

"Our goal in creating Over the Edge was to create a modern album that classic jazz listeners could also enjoy. We made an effort to capture the spirit and tradition of classic quintets from 50's and 60's while mixing in modern elements, particularly in the areas rhythm and song form. We think contemporary jazz can be soulful and fun, but inventive at the same time."

"Over the Edge" is the title of the PGJQ's debut album. It contains 10 original compositions written over the course of nearly a decade by co-leaders Wayne Pearcy (Trumpet) and Aaron Gratzmiller (Saxophone). Joining them is an outstanding rhythm section comprised of Matt Savage on Piano, Greg Toro on Upright Bass, and Fabio Rojas on Drum Set.

Old style musicianship and classic be bop meet modern improvisation on this stylish release. Composers Pearce and Gratzmiller possess an inventive sense of melody and rhythm, and use the classic tropes to create new music.

All the jazz stops come out in Beantown Bahp, including sparkling piano, bass and drum solos against a cool retro groove. Poor Man's Doctor has the kind of feel you'd expect to find late night in a big city jazz club, with interesting rhythms and a killer drum track that embellishes the beats.

Blues 88 unfolds to a slow and sexy rhythm, with the horns and piano trading riffs. It's the perfect soundtrack to a fashionable cocktail party, and harkens back to the days when jazz was danceable. 

Over The Edge is a standout track, with fluid horn and piano over a kinetic rhythm section playing at breakneck speed. Yellow Mood contrasts its high energy output with a smooth and melodic ballad.

The Defector is an intriguing, upbeat track that lets Aaron Gratzmiller shine on the sax. His tone veers from high and clear to fat and rich. He takes the spotlight again on Pieces of Mind, contrasting with Wayne Pearcy's warm trumpet.

Take a bunch of jazz cats from Beantown with a love of classic jazz and the other foot firmly in the present tense, and you've got this enjoyable release.

Track List:
1. Beantown Bahp
2. Poor Man's Doctor
3. Blues 88
4. Over the Edge
5. Yellow Mood
6. Something About the Moon
7. The Defector
8. You're Too Nice
9. Pieces of Mind
10. Yellow Mood

Personnel: Wayne Pearcy: Trumpet; Aaron Gratzmiller: Saxophones; Matt Savage: Piano; Greg Toro: Bass; Fabio Rojas: Drums'
Tracks 1, 3, 4, and 10 composed by Wayne Pearcy. Tracks 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 composed by Aaron Gratzmiller.

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