Piano Pop: Gina Graves - And We Rise (Independent / October 15, 2018)

Piano Pop:
Gina Graves - And We Rise
(Independent / October 15, 2018)

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It is my hope that these songs will inspire you to honor the callings of your Soul and appreciate your value in the world, while holding your heart as you dare to stand in the face of difficult challenges. These are songs of hope, redemption, and ultimately Divine Love.
Gina Graves
At 46, singer songwriter Gina Graves found herself pregnant, a life changing experience that led her to compose the songs that make up this release. With a background in studying classical music and jazz, and a 20 year career as a professional musician and composer, she plays everything but the drums on this album (handled by brother Rich) and produced the release as well.

Her classical training is evident on tracks like Everything You Are, where her ethereal vocals float above atmospheric keyboard accompaniment that swells into an atmospheric and orchestral arrangement.

There are some lovely vocal harmonies on the release that lend a sweetness to the message of songs like If You Dare. The ebb and swell of the music helps deliver the message. It only gets better from here...If you dare.

In this moment I take flight
In my sovereign soul, I
I am light
I am light
I am light...

In I Am Light, it's just piano and voice, her delicate soprano the perfect vehicle to deliver that messaage. In Your Beautiful Self, the drum pattern adds a nervous kind of energy underneath the vocals and piano. Turn Blue is a standout track that goes through several moods, including a lovely contrapuntal section where vocals play against the piano and rhythm section.

you like shimmering piano pop with an uplifting message by an accomplished musician and composer, you'll have this one on repeat.

Track List:
1. Everything You Are
2. Glide
3. If You Dare
4. New Star
5. Your Beautiful Self
6. I Am Light
7. Bring You Back
8. Turn Blue
9. Golden Arc
10. All Your Dreams
11. And We Rise

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