Americana: Cindy Jollotta - Ghosts (Independent / Jan 8, 2019)

Cindy Jollotta - Ghosts
(Independent / Jan 8, 2019)

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"Ghosts" is about the missed opportunities, bad choices, and regrets that become ghosts that haunt you.

The heart of folk or country music - or Americana, or roots, or whatever label you'd like to use - is the emotion. That's the essence of its enduring appeal. On the new single by Los Angeles based indie artist Cindy Jollotta, you can hear the remorse in the way she shapes every note.

I wish I could get
Another chance at 
Fixing my regrets...

It's a sentiment we can all relate to. She fleshes out the feeling with her expressive alto, a voice with a sweet tone and a rough edge she can use to good effect. The video follows her through a grey rainy day on the farm, in a house full of broken crockery, and lonely fields and woods.

Jollotta plays the piano and ukelele on the single, and she's in the midst of a US tour at the moment. After a few years touring the United States with her band, The Podunk Poets, she's releases this solo project that connects honkey-tonk and bluegrass with her roots in the alt-rock world. Cindy says she proudly represents and supports LGBTQ, body positive, sex positive, and women-in-music communities.

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