Classical Remix: Chris Lastovicka - Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) (Ahari Press / April 12, 2019) - Preview Single Now

Classical Remix:
Chris Lastovicka - Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)
(Ahari Press / April 12, 2019)

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"Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)" traces the journey from deep suffering to the fullness and freedom of the heart. It is a quest to find the Self. I asked Jeremy Allom to take the original, raw recordings for this album and bring out their vitality with his own powerful, creative stamp.

"When I was thinking about who I'd like to remix my album, I thought about my favorite album, Massive Attack's "Blue Lines". I wondered if I would be able to even get Jeremy Allom, who mixed that album. I did, and it has been an incredible experience working with him and getting to know him. - Chris Lastovicka

The 7th Chapter Of Job is the first single from the upcoming release, a moody composition with a narrative flow. It could easily be an evocative film soundtrack. Chris uses voice as a shimmering layer above the ebb and flow of strings and piano, mining the atmospheric and dramatic possibilities of the music.

The track is emblematic of Lastovicka's style as a composer, characterized by a sweeping and cinematic sensibility, building drama and momemtum in layers of sound. It's accessible and melodic, with a contemporary edge. In Abraxas, the composer uses the harmonic structure to play with tension and emotion.

The composer's website says of their work, Most of Lastovicka’s music can be loosely categorized as mystic minimalism or post-minimalism.

Luckily, it's not necessary to know the right words to describe it to enjoy the music for its emotional intensity and its dramatic momentum. Lastovicka's website describes them as both composer and music designer. "Chris Lastovicka designs music dealing primarily with psychological and metaphysical subjects."

That's why it sounds like a natural film score - because movie music plays with emotions. The composer uses mesmerizing repeated rhythms and patterns through a fairly standard orchestration. Shanti builds melodic layers over a shivering piano pattern. The simiplicity brings focus to the emotion of the piece. The End OF Tyranny is sweet and hopeful, with soaring strings that build to a n achingly sweet crescendo.

Lastovicka is the recipient of a Presser Award, a Hatz Award, a CAP Award from New Music USA, and grants from NYSCA and NYFA. Lastovicka is the winner of the inaugural Melodia Women’s Choir (NYC) Commission Competition. At age 14, Lastovicka became the youngest winner in the history of Chicago’s Gruenstein Memorial National Organ Competition. At 15, Chris won the Otto B. Schoepfle National Organ Competition

Composer: Chris Lastovicka
Violin: Eric Bates, Anne T. Horvath, Katrin St. Clair, Lara Theilmann-Messerly; Viola: Missy Hydockl Cello: Christina M. Coletta, Heidi Mausbach, Tom Guth, Kenneth Woods; French Horn: Robert Garcia, Kristin Johns; Soprano: Kimberly Tobolal Mezzo-Soprano: Diana Cataldi; Contralto: Laura Backley; Piano: Chris Lastovicka

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