#CUTMR2019 Come Up To My Room Part of the DesignTO Festival Gladstone Hotel Toronto till January 20 2019

Come Up To My Room
Part of the DesignTO Festival
Gladstone Hotel Toronto
till January 20 2019

The city of Toronto is locked in the grip of the dreaded polar vortex this weekend, bringing inhumanly cold temperatures and snow to the city. All the more reason to feast your eyes on the glory that is Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel.

The four floors of the iconic boutique hotel have been transformed by artists and designers. The main cluster of installations is on the second floor, with the functions of other floors - bars, guest rooms - intact with the addition of more works of artistic design.

Saturday January 19: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm, with celebration 7:00 – 10:00 pm, and free Love Design Party 10:00 pm til late
Sunday January 20: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

General admission: $10
Family of 4: $25

Here's a sampling of what is on offer.

Jasmine Cardena - Broken Telephone
The work of this Ecuadorian-Canadian artist consists of disconnected parts, repeated and altered in an exploration of memory and how we process it.

Kristina Guison & Merhnaz Rohbakhsh - Acoustic Archeologies
An installation that explores the sonic relationships in a site specific installation.

Bruno Billio - TRON209
The artist and designer transformed his studio into a black light negative version of itself. "I love to contextualize common objects and space into visions from my dream world."

Charlize Nhung - Transform In Fringe
This artist's sculptures morph into different shapes, inspired by the work she saw produced by her grandfather's loom during a childhood spent in Vietnam.

Safoura Zahedi - Connect Beyond The Surface
Safoura's experimental design explores geometry as a universal design language.

Natalie King - (Femmes of Fire) Always Surviving
Highlighting the presence of overlooked identities in queer communities.

Sonie Gemmitit & Christy Stoeten - Cabinet Fantastique Ghost City
This installation looks at the links between memory and geography, especially the geography of where we live.

Chromatic Aberration - Penumbra
The artist group known as Chromatic Aberration consists of glass, light, and mixed media artists who create narrative installations together.

Kelsey Redman
A giant rainbow knitted blanket with a variety of thrifted yarns. One of several students and faculty of the Haliburton School of Art & Design represented at the show.

J.P. King & Sean Martindale - Our Desires Fail Us
An installation that confronts the connections between waste and consumer culture.

Five Percent - Poché
This installation by a group of students from the Ryerson School of Interior Design explores notions of space. The term poché is used in architectural drawings to designate solid elements such as walls and corridors on a drawing.

Cole Swanson - Terraflora
This artist created a wall mural sprawling over the third floor, using pigments made from local and regional soils and clays, hand rendered and painted as microflora and spores.