Discover the Cutting Edge: The Cuneiform 2018 Compilation Album

From a media release:

The Cuneiform 2018 Compilation Album

Name Your Own Price 

From our friends at Cuneiform Records - based in the Washington D.C. area since its founding in 1984, Cuneiform Records is widely recognized as an international force in the world of avant-garde and truly progressive, cutting-edge music.

In mid-2018 Cuneiform Records resumed releasing music after a several months sabbatical. By the end of 2018 it had released 5 new albums in both physical (CD, lp) and digital formats, in addition to 7 digital-only releases.

This 12 song compilation album, Cuneiform Records: The Albums of 2018, features over 60 minutes of simply great and utterly creative music made by brilliant musicians; selected from albums that Cuneiform Records released in 2018. It is now available to stream or download at a price of YOUR OWN choosing via Cuneiform's Bandcamp page.

1. Thumbscrew - Words That Rhyme With Spangle (angle bangle dangle jangle mangel mangle strangle tangle wangle wrangle) (4:59)
[from Ours]
2. Thumbscrew - The Peacocks (Jimmy Rowles) (6:53)
[from Theirs]
3. Forgas Band Phenomena - Délice Karmâ / Karmic Delights ("radio edit")  (5:21)
[from L’Oreille Électrique (The Electric Ear)]
4. Steve Tibbetts - Desert (4:56)
[from Steve Tibbetts]
5. Far Corner - Fork (3:52)
[from Risk]
6. Curlew - To The Summer In Our Hearts (12:30)
[from Live at the Knitting Factory 1991 / Live at D?.?C. Space]
7. Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores - Bat Living In My Room (3:19)
[from The Opposite]
8. Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores - Benevolent St. (4:11)
[from May You Dine On Weeds Made Bitter By The Piss Of Drunkards]
9. Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores - Ginger Gin / Flight Of The Sims (6:53)
[from The Smother Party]
10. Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores - Dashboard Lazarus (4:20)
[from Bent At The Waist]
11. Alec K. Redfearn and The Seizures - The Hole (7:28)
[from Exterminating Angel]
12. Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores - Black Tar and White Slavery (4:06)
[from Every Man For Himself & God Against All]