Folk/Pop: Todd Warner Moore - Spark (Independent / October 31, 2018)

Todd Warner Moore - Spark
(Independent / October 31, 2018)

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In the balance, there's more folk than pop to Spark, the recent album from Todd Warner Moore that falls squarely into singer songwriter territory.

Spark, the title track is classic folk, the melody lilting over a simple acoustic guitar rhythmic pattern. The sweet vocal harmonies flavoured by traditional folk light up the song with a rhythmic sense of phrasing.

It was a spark that set a motion
In her brain
Under the long dark spell,
Then suddenly, a flame

The lyrics are philosophical and upbeat; it's simple music that is carried by his conviction and a sense of authenticity. Vocally Moore has a pleasant tenor that carries the melody with the help of Jamie Howell, whose clear high soprano that matches his tone perfectly.

Noodles ventures into country territory in a song about...making spaghetti for his baby to come home to. Do You Really Know adds piano and strings to the bedrock of acoustic guitar for a fuller sound.

With a fairly standard approach to instrumentation, he pulls a variety of sounds. Drift Awake is a stand out track, a slow country waltz with a mournful string line that embellishes the vocal melody. In Gem, a sweet song about love lost, the strings add a counterpoint to the acoustic guitar.

You were already gone,
I just couldn't see through it...

Right Inside This Room is highlight of the album, a jazzy pop song with a Latin flavour to the melody, interesting chord changes and rhythms.

With enough variety to keep you listening through the whole album, it should please you if you like folk-pop and adult contemporary with an uplifting message.

Todd has crossed the globe working as a musician, including several years in Hungary, and, for the last eight years, a home on Lamma Island in Hong Kong, where he plays at local pubs and music festivals.

Track List:
1. Prologue   
2. Spark   
3. Gift   
4. Noodles   
5. Do You Really Know?   
6. Drift Awake   
7. Mess   
8. Gem   
9. In the Water
10. Right Inside This Room   
11. Crashing Down   
12. Already There   
13. Bird's Eye View
14. Epilogue   
15. The Lens (Bonus Track) [with Tea Thieves, Live from a Garden in Wales]

Todd Warner Moore: Vocal: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar; Leah Hart: Backing Vocal; Michael Kentish: Backing Vocal; Jamie Howell: Electric Guitar; Roberto Diana: Dobro, Steel Guitar; William Stewart: Violin, Viola; Daniel González: Cello; Davide Severi: Piano; Issar Shulman: Double Bass; Larry Salzman: Percussion

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