Folk/Rock Single: Y. Dan Rubinstein - Don't Break What You Cannot Fix (Independent / 29 March 2019)

Folk/Rock Single:
Y. Dan Rubinstein - Don't Break What You Cannot Fix
(Independent / 29 March 2019)

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In the spirit of a true folk artist, there's a focus on the poetry of the lyrics and the meaning of the song, the latest single from Los Altos, California based Y. Dan Rubinstein.

things that we never dreamed, plots that we'd only schemed
fibers woven to thread
you loved me when I needed it, the emptiness receded
welcome to this black widow web

Musically, it has a definite Latin-esque swing and melodic progression, with an insistent rhythm on the acoustic guitar. Rubinstein's vocals are suited to the folky singer songwriter genre, a raspy tenor that conveys the melancholy of the words.

One quibble: I'd turn the music up a half notch or so in the mix - it sounds too much like the vocals were recorded separately.
It was attending his five year old's violin lessons that inspired Rubinstein to take up music again after a long hiatus when work and family responsibilities ate up his time. The single is part of his upcoming full-length release, Stolen Moments, a collection of largely acoustic pop songs. The title track is one of the first songs he ever wrote.

"Stolen Moments is about first loves. Everything is new and special and magical because like all first experiences there is nothing to compare them to. We open ourselves, and become vulnerable. Do we regret that vulnerability or does it become part of who we are? Knowing how things turned out, should we have stolen those moments, or borrowed them instead? What would we tell our younger selves if we could?"

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