Indigenous Futurism: STOiK - Pareidolia (Independent / April 9 2019)

Indigenous Futurism:
STOiK - Pareidolia
(Independent / April 9 2019)

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sto·ic (ˈstōik)

In 2042, Earth becomes uninhabitable and humans are forced to evacuate. Some refuse, most of them Indigenous, and move underground. Their descendants survive into the distant future, anchored by ancient knowledge and practice. It is in this future where we meet STOiK, a group of Indigenous artists & warriors led by Gidochige which translates in Anishinaabemowin to "He plays music."

This is Indigenous futurism - with ultra cool images to flesh out the scenario.
Gidochige - image by Ratul Debnath
Indigenous Futurism is a phrase that was coined by writer Grace Dillon in her 2003 book Walking the Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenous Science Fiction. It was inspired by the Afrofuturism movement, and becomes a thread that cuts across literature, music, visual arts, fashion, and other creative expression to blend the traditions of the past into a future where Indigenous peoples have a place on their own terms - an imagination cut free of the constructs of colonialism.
Gidochige - image by Ratul Debnath
There are 18 tracks on the release, blending futuristic electronic music with the compelling rhythms of traditional Indigenous music. Those rhythms meld seamlessly with an insistent electronic pulse, and the voices of protesters on Earth Abides, an powerful track that goes for the gut. Aleah Belle lends her vocals to Tonight, an upbeat electronic dance track. The band is inventive in finding new ways to shape the sound in each song - it's never repetitive.
Gidochige - image by Ratul Debnath
The lyrics talk about the environment, war, and other assorted topics that you'd associate with the dystopian theme and the political present.

Until we have our own government, 
We'll never be even...

Other guest appearances by Indigenous artists include Drezus, Aleah Belle (notably, also on Werewolf, a haunting and sexy track, among others) Plex (with Aleah on How's That Sound) & Jah-kota (with Plex and Drezus on Behold A Pale Horse). Rod Crowhop is a mesmerizing track where the pounding of the drum and jingling of the bells is the constant underneath a cacophony of voices and electronic noise.

Pareidolia is the first album release for STOiK.


  1. Tooo cool, I heard 'werewolf'and played it over 1000 times.


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