Alt-Rock CD Release: Outerfield - Pleasant Grove Hotel (US Highway 50 / May 3 2019)

Alt-Rock CD Release:
Outerfield - Pleasant Grove Hotel
(US Highway 50 / May 3, 2019)

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Outerfield is the result of a partnership between guitarist, pianist and songwriter Matt Hutson and bassist Gary Schrader, who met playing in their church's worship band in Columbus, Indiana. You can hear ghosts of a church choir in Wondering If You're Real, and it's an interesting musical influence throughout the release. Swamp music brings sweet vocal harmonies and growling guitars together with compelling rhythms for music that has an earn worm quality from the beginning.

The rock, country, and sometimes retro influences are familiar, but the duo mix them up for a sound that is uniquely their own. Matt's vocals are raspy and appropriate for the genre. It's the musicianship and a genuine groove that sparks up on each song that elevates the album above the ordinary.

Stay The Same is a stand out track with an intriguing rhythmic complexity, anchored by a tight rhythm section, adding a jazzy note to the alt-rock release. Throwing Your Life Away is another highlight of the album, with an anthemic groove that sticks in your head. Vending Machine is a bright and bouncy rocker. I'm in the mood for something sweet... It's typical of the lyric writing on the release.

"The album is about the space it takes to put your life back together after everything has fallen apart. Not unlike the experience of making the record, which was shelved for four months and expected to never come out." The duo commented in a media release.

Track List:
1. Wondering If You're Real
2. Dust
3. Voices
4. I Don't Know Why
5. Stay The Same
6. Getting It Right
7. After The Party
8. Vending Machine
9. Throwing Your Life Away
10. You Weren't Done Yet
11. You're Out There

Matt Hutson: Guitar, Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Bass, Vocals; Gary Schrader: Guitar, Bass

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