Rock/Jazz/Pop Fusion: Sundogs - Legends In Their Own Minds (Independent / 5 March 2019)

Rock/Jazz/Pop Fusion
Sundogs - Legends In Their Own Minds
(Independent / 5 March 2019)

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Jazz rock fusion mixes with thoughtful poetry on this interesting release by Seattle based Sundogs on their latest studio recording. It's an album that looks back to the golden era of guitar pop-rock and fusion with ear worm hooks and a genuine groove.

Fallen Hero epitomizes their distinctive sound. At first, you assume that the rock heavy rhythm section and guitars mean a strictly classic rock approach. But, then it veers into a piano solo, with jazzy rhythms and chord changes. On top of it, a clear tenor sings in a melodic mode.

Growly vintage guitars are a signature sound for the group, mixed with a variety of influences. In Snowman, a jazzier rhythm and melody weave in and out of an edgier voice (which is whose is not clear with both Stan Snow and Jed Moffitt on vocal duty on the release).

On Johnny, Snow's guitar work is prominent in more of a country rock mode. The stylistic variation keeps it interesting, with tasteful musicianship that results in the nicely loose, organic sound of musicians who know each other well. The lyrics focus on storytelling. From the piano-driven ballad Land of Broken Dreams,

The halcyon days of platinum and vinyl;
You could lay down your dollars and be part of a rock star's dream.
You'd thumb through the pictures of the princes
Who rose to the top of the rarefied air in this pyramid scheme...

Did It Really Happen

This is the second release for the veteran Seattle studio musicians, and will be a video album, with three videos released so far.

Track List:
1. Fallen Hero
2. Snowman
3. Johnny
4. Castle
5. Hope
6. Alive Tonight
7. Already Gone
8. Land of Broken Dreams
9. Did It Really Happen
10. Intro
11. Sahara
12. End of The World

Stan Snow: Songwriter, Producer, Vocals and Guitars, etc...
Jed Moffitt: Songwriter, Co-Producer, Vocals and Keyboards

Fallen Hero