Americana: The Rightly So - Vandura (Independent / 6 September 2019)

The Rightly So - Vandura
(Independent / 6 September 2019)

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The sound is simple - two voices, two guitars - sometimes with some help on percussion, and the music falls into familiar territory. It's the energy and sublime vocal harmonies that lift The Rightly So and their new release, Vandura, above the crows.

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, The Rightly So are guitarist/singer Gregory Zeis, and singer songwriter Jess Chizuk. Both are gifted singers, Jess a sweet high soprano, and Gregory an expressive tenor. Stylistically, they range from the vintage Americana sound of Black and Blue, and acoustic folk of Honest Kind of Peace, to bouncy guitar-driven contemporary country in You Can Bet on Me, and a bluesy Ball and Chain with its fat organ sound.

Chizak serves as songwriter, with a relatable style that talks about love and life.

If I were truthful I might scare you...

She turns storyteller in Devil's Work, a song about a hard scrabble life of crime. In Not Coming Home, they sing a duet about leaving for the last time.

The new album comes after their highly regarded self-titled debut, released in 2017. The duo has played 100+ shows each year for the last four years, including three cross country tours. They have performed with Howie Day, Davina and the Vagabonds, Sean Patrick McGraw, Dylan Jakobsen, and many other artist, and have been featured in The Huffington Post, No Depression Magazine, and NPR affiliates in Amarillo (TX) and Grand Junction (CO).

It's an enjoyable collection driven by the charisma and vocal chops of the duo of artists that make up The Rightly So.

Personnel: Jess Chizuk: Vocals and Guitar; Greg Zeis: Vocals and Guitar

Track List:
1. Black and Blue
2. You Can Bet On Me
3. Honest Kind of Peace
4. Ball and Chain
5. All These Things
6. Dying Day
7. Devil's Work
8. Nothing But The Weather
9. Good Luck and Godspeed
10. The Lucky Ones
11. Not Coming Home

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