Shortcuts at #TIFF19: It's Nothing - Screening September 14 2019

It's Nothing
A short film by Anna Maguire
Playing at the Toronto International Film Festival
September 15, 2019

How do you portray an eating disorder on film in a way that truly depicts its devastating effects? Canadian-British writer, director and actor Anna Maguire does it with a clever visual ruse in her latest short, It's Nothing.
It's Nothing - by Anna Maguire
Our heroine digs a hole in the park, one that is secret, but more of an open secret. It symbolizes the disease - all encompassing, leaving her covered in dirt, dishevelled, all while acting like everything's just fine. Others in her life go along with the act - except when they don't. Her mother wonders when she'll see her eat a whole meal, and a friend tells her she 'gets it', but instead of comforting her, it only ramps up her paranoia.

Canadian actor Cara Gee (The Expanse) is solid in the central role, embodying the combination of a perky, nondescript exterior and the often frantic, always conflicted interior. A film with a strong visual metaphor can easily get swallowed by the premise, but Gee keeps the focus on her character and the complicated logic that drives an eating disorder. Don't go home yet - wait till they're finished dinner...don't go to the party, they'll expect you to eat something.

It's a poignant recreation of the lonely hell that is an eating disorder. The film makes its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival as part of the Shortcuts Programme. Screening information:

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It's Nothing