Singer/Songwriter: Aza Nabuko - Aza Nabuko EP (JumpAttack Records / 1 July 2019)

Aza Nabuko - Aza Nabuko EP
(JumpAttack Records / 1 July 2019)

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Sixteen year old Aza Nabukomulti is a instrumentalist, singer and songwriter out of Revelstoke, British Columbia. She recently earning a spot in the top 100 in CBC Searchlight for 2019, and it's easy to see why with the release of her self-titled EP.

The EP is a showcase of her fluid vocals and inventive songwriting abilities. From Strangers -

Since there are only remains here,
It looks like we are strangers


Her lyrics specialize in romance with a realistic bent, including the self aware Ordinary.

Sometimes I'd hard to deal with
But I'm worth the trouble baby

Fade Away is a sad ballad in remembrance of a romance that's long over, where Aza's expressive voice plays nicely against a spare piano backing. She ranges from soft and mournful to full blown lament that rises to a crescendo of hurt and regret. It's a highlight of the release.

Heart of Concrete uses a moody cello to reinforce lyrics about loneliness and hurt, while the melody has a kind of gypsy echo and a rising sense of melodrama.

I'm alone
I am broken
I am frozen
I can't carry it
It doesn't fit
It weighs too much
This heart of concrete

She's impressive as a singer, ranging from a sweet high end to a throaty lower range. Aza has a nicely distinctive sense of phrasing that gives the modern pop compositions a fresh sound. It will be interesting to see what will come down the pipe from her.

Track List:
1. Strangers
2. Ordinary
3. Fade Away
4. Heart of Concrete
5. Space Between
6. When We Fell in Love

Aza Nabuko Vocals, Guitar and Piano

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