Reggae from Texas: Micah Shalom - New Single “Peace, Rights, Love” Is Out Now

From a media release:

Reggae from Texas:
Micah Shalom - New Single “Peace, Rights, Love” Is Out Now

Micah Shalom is proud to announce his latest single “Peace, Rights, Love” which is out now. The established artist is one of the leading Reggae outfits in Texas bringing both conscious roots and danceability to the mix.

Back in 2007 in Gainesville, FL, Micah Shalom formed a band of ska, reggae, and world musicians to play his brand of original and cover music from these genres. The Micah Shalom crew now resides in Austin TX with a cast of diverse musical backgrounds from Latin to Ska to Afrobeat to Reggae.

Backing artists such as Cedric IM Brooks and Kevin Batchelor of The Skatalites, and Grammy Award Winner Calton Coffie of Inner Circle, The Micah Shalom crew cut their teeth learning to play Jamaican reggae and ska, traveling with Calton Coffie to perform in Jamaica and playing a number of shows in the US with Cedric IM Brooks and Kevin Batchelor. Micah Shalom will be celebrating the release of the single performing with Kevin Batchelor on 10/18 in San Antonio, TX and 10/19 in Austin, TX.

The new single is inspired by the current political struggles facing the nation and the world.

Micah explains, “The name for the tune ‘Peace, Rights, Love’ comes from the message that we all need Peace and Love to live fruitfully in the world but also we cannot do that without the Rights that all humankind must also have. And that we must not only look at our lives, but to all lives to have the same rights, because we are not truly free while others do not live with the same opportunities.” He adds, “Trying to bring conscious thought to our system which values war over peace, as well as social movements in the USA which continue to fight for equality for all groups regardless of race color or affiliation.”

The single introduces a new vibe that captures a continuation of Micah’s lyrics of the past, having a strong message fighting for rights and peace in the world. It could be described as more explicit in that nature in this release as he call’s out the current government for its blatant corruption.

Micah Shalom – Vocals, trumpet; Zumbi Richards – backing vocals, trombone;
Joshua Thomson – Alto Sax; Mark Wilson – Tenor Sax; Jeremy Carlson – Drums; Evan Hegarty – Backing vocals, Keyboards; Nico Sanchez – Bass; Mario Salazar – Guitar; Ricky Gonzalez – percussion