Lo-fi | Mother Yeti: My Best Please (Neurodisc/Global Heist Recordings January 21, 2020)

Mother Yeti: My Best Please
(Neurodisc/Global Heist Recordings January 21, 2020)

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Trippy, psychedelic, lo-fi...Mother Yeti takes sweet folky vocal harmonies, a dash of retro pop-rock, Americana, and other influences to come up with this enjoyable album.

Multi-instrumentalist Bill Tracy is the mastermind behind most of the album, (read: wrote & played most of the instruments). The title track is one of the exceptions, features Zachary Calkins on keyboards in a song with a swingy groove.

On Someone's Happy, growly guitars give way to pop vocal harmonies, all of it over a syncopated rhythm. As a songwriter, the band's sound layers acoustic guitar and keyboards over a solid rhythm section. It's reminiscent of 1990s bands like Blind Melon - or farther back to melodic pop groups like ELO.

In Grateful Space, the vocals are spacey, with a super 70s sound that runs through several changes in tone and rhythm. They use the pop format to explore a jazzy kind of sensibility.

The song Push The Weather includes Cooper Trail on the keys, and the song Wanted it Funny has Jim Rizzuto on drums - the other two guests on the album. Wanted It Funny is a pop song with a punk heart that builds in intensity. The reverb is strong in this one. Roller Blade Shades pulls out a strong RnB beat, with a funky groove.

Live, Mother Yeti is a 3- to 5-piece band. The band started as a jam session between high school buddies in Boise Idaho. Nowadays, they're based in the Pacific Northwest.

There's a lot of retro sounds out there these days; Mother Yeti elevates the bar with premium musicianship and great songwriting.

1. Someones Happy
2. My Best Please
3. Graceful Space
4. Wanted it Funny
5. Roller Blade Shades
6. All By Myself
7. Push the Weather
8. Over My Head
9. In Your Eyes
10. Sober Head
11. Get off on Mondays
12. Fim

Bill Tracy: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard; Jim Rizzuto: Drums; Joseph Hein: Bass; Zack Degler: Vocals, Guitar; Zachary Calkins: Keyboard, Synth

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