Taktus Duo - Mirrored Glass (Parma Recordings / January 24, 2020)

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Taktus Duo - Mirrored Glass
(Parma Recordings / January 24, 2020)

Greg Harrison, Jonny Smith marimbas

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On Mirrored Glass, Toronto's Taktus Duo, percussionists Greg Harrison and Jonny Smith, interpret the work of composers Ann Southam and Philip Glass through the bright sound of the marimba.

Similarities and differences - the underlying theme of Mirrored Glass (Parma Recordings). The two sides of the album were recorded in different studios with different recording engineers, providing a contrasting sonic experience.

On the first side of the album, Taktus performs arrangements of Southam’s Glass Houses and Rivers 1. The duo uses electronic processing on their instruments to create an effect similar to the sustain pedal on piano. The dissonances have an interesting effect with the marimba's tone - one that isn't heard in traditional uses of the instrument.

The second side features arrangements of Glass’s Etudes and Music in Contrary Motion. The duo creates a mesmerizing web of rhythm and sound, more sombre in mood than in the Southam pieces. Dynamic range is somewhat more restricted with marimbas than a Steinway grand, but they play with a dazzling rhythmic perfection that makes you forget everything else.

Offbeat musical experiments like this one can reveal new dimensions to familiar music; the talented duo add bright notes and a strong rhythmic focus to the works of well known composers in this compelling release.