Indie Rock: Sonic Fuel - I Will Rise (Independent / 15 June 2020)

Indie Rock:
Sonic Fuel - I Will Rise
(Independent / 15 June 2020) 

"I Will Rise" is an upbeat rock-pop anthem to perseverance. The melodic rock song is the first single from the band. Sonic Fuel is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter David Hales. 
Sonic Fuel

"When someone you love decides to end their life abruptly and leave you behind, it is nothing short of devastating. 'I Will Rise' is an expression of determination; a cry out to the world that the darkness someone left you writhing in will soon be a thing of the past," he said in a media release. 

The band is tight and anchor the track with a driving energy. When it comes to vocals, David Hales voice track is given the usual studio rock star treatment or harmony and reverb on the ubiquitous chorus. I was more intrigued by sections where his expressive natural voice came through the mix. 

More to come soon from this newly minted Knoxville, Tennessee-based group, including a full-length album. 

Personnel: David Hales, Vocals/Rhythm Guitars; Chris Robbins, Rhythm Guitar; Burton Akers, Bass; Seth Hales, Drums; Julius Blue, Keys; Andy Wood, Lead Guitar 

Official Website:
Facebook:; Twitter: @fuelsonic; Instagram: @sonicfuel; Bandcamp: Sonicfuel; Youtube Channel: Sonic Fuel