So You Can't Go: Six Ways To Travel Virtually

So You Can't Go:
Six Ways To Travel Virtually

Travel is limited for most of us in the world these days. For Canadians, it depends on the province you live in, but with the border to the US still closed, and other options limited at best, virtual travel from the couch can provide at least a view with a difference at a time when you may well need it most. 

VR travel
VR Dream by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Google Cardboard – VR On A Budget

You don't need a lot of cash to get into travel via virtual reality. Google Cardboard is a line of VR viewers that are, well, made of cardboard, and are priced starting at $12CAD.

  • If you check out this link, you'll find out how to download the software to your smartphone.
  • At this link, you can get yourself an actual Google Cardboard for a hands-free VR experience. 

Google Cardboard apps offer a variety of ways to experience our beautiful planet, including Google Earth itself, which can take you anywhere, along with apps to view museums and cultural artifacts, and more.

Ascape VR

Ascape has a huge library of travel apps, with 360° video production. It's free for iOS and Android smartphones, and will give you any kind of adventure you want, from swimming with dolphins to walking with a herd of zebras, skydiving and extreme sports, and much more. 

Sites in VR

This free app for iOS and Android lets you go on excursions to the world's most fabulous museums and landmarks, along with a range of natural areas and parks. You'll find castles, religious sites, ruins, forests and jungles, famous parks, and more, all filmed in panoramic 360° video.

VR Sketch by Ventus17 from Pixabay

If Disney's Your Thing

If Disney theme parks and crazy rides are your travel thing, you can get a taste of the experience at the Virtual Disney YouTube channel. There's a wide selection to choose from in 360° video, so you can get the experience from all angles.

Miss The Airport? 

Even if you fly, you may not be traveling first class all the time (or any of the time). Emirates Airlines lets you tour the luxe accommodations available on the A380 liner and other aircraft, which includes a sleek lounge area for cocktails along with the spacious seating.

A Taste Of The Tropics

YouTube offers a wealth of 360° travel videos, like the channel linked in the subtitle. It features several travel videos, including a tour of the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa’s underwater bungalows and other exotic tropical locales. We can still dream...