#TIFF2020: For The Love Of Short Films - Short Cuts Programme #3

For The Love Of Short Films
Short Cuts Programme #3

Short Cuts Programme 03 (2020)
Short Cuts, Drama, Life Experiences, Women In Film, Canadian • 1h 36m • Canada, France, Senegal, United States

Short films have to capture a key moment in an ongoing story, which is what the seven films in this programme do well. In each story, the characters face a pivotal situation.

With your stream of all seven shorts, you'll also get roundtable talks about the films, and other video material to complete your film festival experience.

Benjamin, Benny, Ben - courtesy of TIFF 2020
Benjamin, Benny, Ben - courtesy of TIFF 2020

The Archivists
Director Igor Drljaca
Noah Reid, Bahia Watson, and Maxwell McCabe-Lokos star in this Canadian film about keeping the past alive in a dystopian future. It was shot in 16mm, and delivers a message about the ghosts of the past.

Benjamin, Benny, Ben
Director Paul Shkordoff

A young man is on his way to a job interview. Intense and anxious, his journey begins to unravel. I recognized good old Hamilton, Ontario as the filming location for this atmospheric and absorbing short.

Navozande, the musician
Director Reza Riahi

This lovely animated short is by Reza Riahi, a painter and filmmaker. She works in paper-cut animation for this story that takes place in 13th century Persia. Beautifully drawn and observed, the story revolves around a musician who stirs up unhappy memories of the Mongol invasion.

Sër Bi
Director Moly Kane

Senegalese director Moly Kane centres this story around a bride-to-be who looks dubious about her coming marriage, even as all the women sing her praises. The lead actress truly inhabits the role of a young woman looking to break the ties of tradition and family - and finding it a difficult and lonely path.

Sër Bi by Moly Kane - Courtesy of TIFF 2020
Sër Bi by Moly Kane - Courtesy of TIFF 2020

Rules for Werewolves
Director Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux
Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) and Kelcey Mawema (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) star in this thriller that takes us into an enigmatic story inside a story as teens break into a mansion and tales are told. 

Director Tank Standing Buffalo

Gorgeously animated, and starkly disturbing, this film delves into the director's life story, focusing on his experiences as a young offender in custody. Self-taught animator Tank Standing Buffalo has crafted a clear-eyed look into a kid's descent into a world of violence and mental illness...and the key to his way out. 

RKLSS - Courtesy of TIFF 2020
RKLSS by Tank Standing Buffalo - Courtesy of TIFF 2020

Director Naïla Guiguet
Transgender DJ and model Dustin Muchuvitz, embodies the vulnerabilities of the title character. The film follows a group of friends at a warehouse party and the aftermath, and asks the question, if you are on a journey of transformation, can everyone else keep up?