Electric Single Mix: Shawna Virago - Heaven Sent Delinquent (Tranimal Records / 20 May 2020)

Electric Single Mix:
Shawna Virago - Heaven Sent Delinquent
(Tranimal Records / 20 May 2020)

Shawna Virago is a transgender music pioneer and has built a cult following as a solo acoustic artist. The single is an electric version of her acoustic release, including a video. 

Shawna Virago Heaven Sent Delinquent

In some cases, alternate versions of a song only make you think of the original. In this case though, the electric version of the song sounds fresh and original, translating nicely into a soft pop rock song with a bit of a Western twang to it. Shawna's lyrics tell a story that pulls no punches.

Daddy called me a son of a bitch
Mommy said I was the devil's daughter...

Music and message seem to be more important than ever these days, but Shawna proves you need to pay attention to the music for the message to resonate.

Virago is an active member of San Fran's artistic community and beyond. Shewired named Virago as one of the nation's "Top 25 Hot Femmes." The Advocate named Virago's song 'Objectified' as one of the nation's top transgender anthems.

She is the Artistic Director of the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival. Virago is also a filmmaker, and her music video Transsexual Dominatrix has screened at more than 30 film festivals around the world, and was awarded Best Music Video at New York's CineKink Festival.

As a writer, her work appears in Gender Outlaws: Next Generation and in the anthologies Trans/Love: Radical Sex, Love & Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary and Take Me There. Virago has been featured in documentaries aired on PBS and NPR. Virago has composed original soundscores for transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey.