Electro-pop David Thompson - the wall (Independent / 24 September 2020)

David Thompson - the wall
(Independent / 24 September 2020)

Philly native David Thompson offers dance music with a quirky musical imagination on The Wall, his latest release.

David Thompson - the wall

There are shades of classic Brit synth-pop in time, a bit of a throwback to 80s New Wave with a spooky vibe and appropriately angsty vocals. Thompson offers something a little unexpected in each track - familiar, yet unfamiliar. The title track, the wall, is ethereal, but runs at a breakneck speed.

this goon cant has earworm hooks that weave in and out of the vocal melody, with the keyboards offering a range of colours. clair is the upbeat pop-rock song on the EP, with his melodic tenor above electronic guitar, the sound given an intriguing distortion. obsession layers electronic sounds into a danceable and hypnotic track.

the wall is David's second release as a solo artist. A veteran of the Philly scene since 2012, he took time out from his music career to help start the Philly Tenants Union and Philly Workers for Dignity.

There will be more coming down the pipe soon from this interesting artist.


  • 1) time
  • 2) the wall
  • 3) this goon cant
  • 4) clair
  • 5) obsession


Personnel: Howe Pearson plays lead guitar on 'the wall' and 'clair', all other instruments by David